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Get your business connected in record time with Ultra high speeds of up to 500Mbps with low latency for mission critical applications. Uncontended FibreWave ensures that you never share your connection with another subscriber.

As with all our Business products it is optimised for business use so that your business can get the most out of it. Synchronous connectivity enables your business to download and upload data at the same speed. This is fantastic news for Video Conferencing, big data uploads, remote backups and to improve your overall internet experience. FibreWave is a brilliant option for when you are out of Fibre coverage but require the high speed services sooner rather than later.

Performer Broadband

Performer Broadband


Static IP



Peak Download

Peak Upload

Installation time

Contract Lenth

  • 50Mbps

  • $R 8 249,00/mo
    • R 4 950,00
    • Yes, single
    • Uncapped with FUP
    • Optimized for Business
    • 50Mbps
    • 50Mbps
    • Up to 15 Business days
    • 24 Months

  • 100Mbps

  • $R 9 899,00/mo
    • R 4 950,00
    • Yes, single
    • Uncapped with FUP
    • Optimized for Business
    • 100Mbps
    • 100Mbps
    • Up to 15 Business days
    • 24 Months


Blended Internet connectivity
Best of both local and international at the same time

Dedicated connectivity
Dedicated link just for you.

Immune to cable theft
No Copper cables to steal.

Rapid installation
Time is money, get it done quicker

Crystal clear voice and video
Low latency sets the foundation for superb voice quality

Static Public IP addresses
Host CRM, ERP and Mail systems yourself

Optimized for Business
Highest performance for critical applications

Encrypted communication
Protecting sensitive data while it transits.

Expansive network coverage
Building a network to reach you where you are.

Scalable bandwidth
Upgradeable, quickly

24/7 Monitoring
Uptime piece of mind


What do I need to get connected?

For starters, give us a call to make arrangement for a site inspection to test signal which ensure that you will have a proper connection from the get go.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my service?

Yes, this takes about 2 days to complete the request if no hardware changes are required.

Is there a contract?

Yes, 24/36 month contract.

Does the service come with Static Public IP's?

Yes, we assign a single Static Public IP per connection. More are available on request.

Does the hardware belong to me once installed?

No. The hardware stays the property of Interworks since we maintain and replace it at no additional cost in the event of a failure.

Are there any limits on the Uncapped service?*

FibreWave is uncapped with a FUP. We limit the overall data usage to ensure that all users have a good experience. Should you reach FUP we will not cut you off, but we might limit the overall speed of the connection when the limits are reached. Please see our FUP document for details.

How does the shaping work?

Optimized for Business ensures that Business critical applications receives the bulk of the capacity on the subscribed service. Realtime services are never shaped and non-realtime services if left unchecked can use all of the network capacity which results in slow and unstable Realtime services.

Realtime Services:

HTTP Browsing – Live Steaming – Secure Browsing – Skype – Terminal Services

Non-Realtime Services

HTTP Downloads – Torrents – News Servers(NNTP)

What are the minimum upload and download speeds?

This is a best effort service and is subject to a contention ratio of 10:1
The contention ratio is the maximum contention applied (worst case) to the service.
The internet speeds are on a best effort basis depending on the contention and location of the targeted server.

Prices exclude VAT
Validity period: 1 March 2017 – 31 May 2017
*T’s & C’s apply